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Four years ago, business and community leaders united to elect new leaders to our state school board called BESE (Board of Elementary and Secondary Education).

Under BESE's leadership, sweeping changes were made to K-12 education in Louisiana, including the implementation of higher standards for students, an overhaul of public personnel policies to focus on educator effectiveness and performance, expansion of educational choice opportunities for students, and the creation of a statewide, integrated early childhood network.

Their results are stunning…

  • A record percentage of students are completing high school on time -- 74.6% (3,440 more students than in 2011).
  • More students than ever before are posting a college going ACT score (up 6,300 students since 2012).
  • A record number of public school graduates are going to college (up 3,146 students from 2011).
  • More Louisiana students are earning credit on Advanced Placement (AP®) exams than ever before (up 89% since 2012).

We need your help. The education establishment and the unions have fought us at every step… and even though we’re winning, the elections this fall will determine the future of these reforms and the future of our K-12 education system.

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